Saturday, January 7, 2017

Nine Hundred And Two

My son has T-Cell Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Apart from the fact it simply occurs as a random mutation of white blood cells in the bone marrow, there is absolutely no other known cause.  It certainly was not caused by eating "Five cancer causing children's snacks made from petroleum", including frosted strawberry poptarts, M & M's, gummy fruit snacks, Cheetos, or  Teddy Grahams.

After two and a half years of treatment, commonly known as Chemotherapy, it is becoming evident he will be a long term survivor of childhood cancer. And contrary to popular ignorance, apart from Chemotherapy, there is absolutely no other known cure. If not for modern Chemotherapy, he would have died about two years ago. much like virtually every child who died from leukemia up until the middle of the twentieth century.

Of course, if everything on the internet were true, we would have opted out of conventional treatment and put Rudi on cannabis oil concentrate, lemongrass smoothies, asparagus tea, and consulted with a holistic doctor who would help him meditate to kill his cancer cells, and within a year he would be cured. But everything on the internet is not true, so much like the sad case of Makayla Sault, had we done that, he would be dead.

But the issue with the internet is much of what is on it is actually complete and utter nonsense, or plain out lies, like the commonly touted "There is a cure for cancer, but pharmaceutical companies are making so much money on drugs they are suppressing it". There are so many ways to counter this complete stupidity that I hardly know where to begin... Cancer, either childhood or adult, in some way will affect everyone, at some point in there life. Are the people who believe this claim really going to believe that an exective or major shareholder with a pharmeceutical company who has the cure going to let their loved one die to keep their profits? And the pharmeceuticals who produce chemotherapeutic drugs are going to be the same ones who find the cure and suppress it? I could go on, but I will just have to explore the hundred or so refutations to that load of utter shit in another post.